Information for UK Citizens on exchanging Estonian ID cards for residence permit cards

Estonian ID cards issued to UK citizens continue to apply. They can be used in Estonia up to their expiry date.

UK citizens wishing to travel to another European Union (EU) member state or cross the EU border, must have exchanged their present document for a new document proving their new status by the end of June 2021. In the EU this document is a residence permit card with a reference to the article 50 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, referring to UK citizens’ earlier residence in EU member states under European Union law.

In order to exchange residence permit cards, we ask all UK citizens to contact Police and Border Guard (PPA) service offices. At PPA, you can complete an application form, have a photograph taken, provide fingerprints and pay a state fee. Adult UK citizens pay 25 euros, under 15-year olds pay 10 euros. When submitting application forms at foreign representations, the state fee for adults is 55 euros and for under 15-year olds it is 10 euros. Picking up the document at the foreign representation costs an extra 20 euros in addition to the state fee.

Exemption from state fee applies for the UK citizens who hold a permanent right of residence and who exchange their ID cards for residence permit cards. UK citizens who apply for new documents due to the expiry of valid residence permit cards, must also pay the state fee.

Residence permit cards can be replaced at PPA service offices on site and booking an appointment is not obligatory. However, to avoid long queues, we recommend booking an appointment.