Border construction

Capability for monitoring the external border

Following the construction of the eastern border, 100% of the external border will be under technical surveillance.

To find the most efficient monitoring technology for the border, PBGB will additionally test various other solutions and announce a procurement for finding the best tenderer to ensure border monitoring equipment that is innovative and can be adapted to changes in the long term.

Monitoring capability

On the River Narva (2019)

On the Peipus lake system (2019)On the land border (2019)
Length of river border: 76.7 kmLength of lake border: 126.3 kmLength of land border: 135.6 km
Monitoring capability: 60%Monitoring capability: 100%

Monitoring capability: 8.3%

The length of the border segment guarded on the River Narva and Narva Reservoir is 76.7 km, of which 46 km or 60% has technical surveillance capability.

Additional speedboat patrols will raise surveillance capability on the river.

The lake areas are entirely covered by technical surveillance and the guarding of the transboundary water body will be supported with regular speedboat patrols.

The length of the land border segment guarded is 135.6 km, of which just 11.3 km or 8.3% has technical surveillance capability.

Surveillance capability on the land border will be raised with border patrols.