Digital ID

Application by email

After your application has been accepted, it will take a maximum of 30 days to prepare your digital ID under ordinary procedure.

If you have ordered your digital ID to be received abroad, factor in a longer time, as transport of documents to a foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia takes more time.

In matters pertaining to the document reaching the foreign representation and claiming the document, contact the foreign representation to which you ordered the document.

Check the current status of your digital ID application.

Application form

Fill in the application form on a computer.

On the form, specify the store or Estonian foreign representation where you wish to receive the document. Digi-ID can not be collected at a service office.

There is no need to submit a photo or signature sample when applying for the digital ID.

Application form.

Instructions for completing application form.

Digital signing instructions.

State fee

The state fee for a digital ID is €25.

Pay the state fee and save the proof of payment to your computer.

Sending the application by email

If you are applying for the digital ID by email, get all of the documents ready and sign them digitally in one container.

The digitally signed container must contain:

  • a completed application form
  • document certifying payment of the state fee

Send the digital document container by email to .... In the subject field, specify “Digital ID taotlus” (digital ID application).