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Information on countries and self-isolation requirements for people arriving in Estonia

Information on countries and self-isolation requirements for people arriving in Estonia is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

As an exeptions, all those who have received a special permit to enter the country from the Police and Border Guard Board, may enter the country. The application must be sent to ppa@politsei.ee. The application for permission to cross the border in exceptional circumstances can be found here. The purpose of the special permit is to enable third-country nationals to apply for authorisation to cross the external border for the purpose of entering Estonia, especially for family reasons, e.g. funerals, weddings, illness of a family member, an essential meeting with a family member, etc. A foreign national who has been admitted to Estonia on the basis of a special permit is subject to a general movement restriction and may not leave his or her permanent place of residence or place of stay within 10 days.

Self-isolation is mandatory for everyone showing symptoms. Self-isolation for individuals without symptoms depends on the country from which they departed or through which they transited.

We also recommend that you check the travel information provided on the Reisi Targalt (Travel Smart) website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which includes important information for travellers on movement restrictions, self-isolation requirements, etc. in countries where Estonia has an embassy.

What is a Declaration For Border-Crossers?

A Declaration For Border-Crossers or the obligation to self-isolate, is a document that a person arriving in Estonia from abroad has to sign at the border. The person states that he or she:

  • is aware of the restriction on the freedom of movement
  • undertakes to stay at home or an accommodation facility for 10 calendar days
  • the person shall provide personal data and contact details and the address of the home or accommodation facility

The restriction on the freedom of movement (self-isolation) imposed by an order of the Government of the Republic applies regardless of whether the confirmation document was signed upon arrival in Estonia.

Declaration For Border-Crossers can be filled online starting from 18th of November. Declaration is meant for people with Estonian identification (ID) code and foreign residents arriving to Estonia. It can be filled 24 hours before arriving to Estonia: iseteenindus.terviseamet.ee Please keep the confirmation e-mail after completing. Declaration can still be filled on paper as well.

Declaration on paper.

How is the vaccination certificate checked at the border crossing?

The vaccination certificate can be presented on the border both on paper and on the screen of a smart device. The vaccination certificate contains a QR- code, and scanning that will allow a quick checking of the correctness and validity of the data.

The document which proves vaccination outside of Estonia must be drawn up in Estonia, Russian, or English and in the Latin or Cyrillic alphabet, and must include the following information:

  • the personal details of the vaccinated individual (including first name and surname)
  • the vaccination dates
  • the name of the vaccine administered and the dosage
  • the number from the vaccine batch
  • the number of vaccine doses administered
  • the name and other details of the individual who carried out the vaccination procedure

All vaccinations are documented digitally, as well as on paper in the immunisation passport, if the patient so wishes. There are several options when it comes to proving that you have been vaccinated:

  • a printout of the immunisation passport from the digilugu.ee portal
  • a paper copy of the immunisation passport, which is issued by the healthcare professional who carried out the vaccination procedure
  • vaccinations which have been performed outside of Estonia can be proven by presenting the original immunisation passport, a copy of that passport, a printout of the respective certificate, or an extract from the respective database

More information about vaccination certificate can be found on kriis.ee and terviseamet.ee

Who should I contact if I want to change the contact details on the confirmation of compliance with movement restriction?

If a person wishes to change the contact details on the confirmation sheet or other information, they must contact the Health Board info@terviseamet.ee and add their contact information (full name, address, personal identification code, phone number), date and place of border crossing and explanation (e.g. belonging under exception, need to change the contact information etc).

Will the Police and Border Guard Board prevent people from leaving Estonia?

No, the police will not prevent anyone from leaving the country. However, on departure from Estonia, you should be familiar with the entry and possible quarantine requirements of both the country of destination and the country of transit. The same must be taken into account when returning to Estonia.

If you are subject to a movement restriction but have to leave Estonia, you do not need to apply to the Police and Border Guard Board for a special permit to do so.

See HERE for the order of the Government of the Republic concerning the temporary restrictions on crossing the state border.