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Dispersion rule and the requirement to wear a mask

An obligation to wear a mask or to cover one's nose and mouth in public indoor spaces, including public transport and service points was lifted on the June 2nd. Wearing a mask is now recommended, though companies, restaurants and other public spaces may continue the requirement to wear a mask whilst on their premises. 

From 31 May, the 2+2 restriction on movement in public indoor areas will be replaced by a dispersion requirement. The dispersion requirement means that strangers should maintain a reasonable distance from the point of view of virus transmission.

All restrictions can be found HERE.

How does the police monitor compliance with the restriction of movement and the requirement to wear a mask?

The police provides assistance to the Health Board in ensuring compliance with the imposed restrictions and shall reorganise its regular work so that public indoor spaces are also checked on a random basis.

When police officers notice that people are not wearing a mask when coming into contact with others, for instance in shopping centres or service offices, the officers inform them of why it is important to wear a mask. If the police officers have reason to believe that there is a deliberate breach of the requirement to wear a mask, they will inform the Health Board.