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Application and issuance of documents

When visiting a service office wear a mask. We recommend applying for documents using the online self service portal.

You can apply for an ID card and a passport using the PBGB self service portal. Fingerprinting is not required when renewing an ID card and you can upload an appropriate document photograph by yourself. The photograph requirements are described in detail in the online application environment.

Self service portal of the PBGB

To apply for a passport, you need to provide your fingerprint. Therefore, you need to use a photo booth at a service office, after which you can proceed to fill out the application using the self service portal. That way, you can reduce the time spent at a service office. If you have provided your fingerprint less than six years ago, you can use it again when applying for a passport. When logging into the self service portal, the system will determine whether fingerprinting is necessary.

The documents ready to be issued are kept at PBGB service offices for six months.

Information regarding applying for documents:

The following options can be used as alternatives to the ID card when conducting electronic business:

  • Mobile ID
  • Smart-ID
  • Digi-ID

Passport is an appropriate document for physical identification.

Where can I get information on matters related to foreigners staying, working and living in Estonia?
  • For more complicated or additional questions you can contact the migration advisers of the PBGB by email migrationadvice@politsei.ee or telephone 612 3500 (M-F 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.).
  • Emergency Response Centre’s hotline 1247 gives information on matters related to coronavirus 24/7.
  • You can get information on pensions and allowances at the hotline of the social insurance board 612 1360.
  • For questions related to healthcare services, contact the health insurance fund at info@haigekassa.ee or phone 669 6630.