Emergency situation

Arriving to Estonia from Finland, Latvia and Lithuania

From 15 to 21 March, the restriction on the freedom of movement applies to passengers arriving from Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Based on Order No 282 of the Government of Estonia, the restriction on the freedom of movement does not apply to asymptomatic people who have been on the territory of Finland, Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia in the past 10 days and have arrived to Estonia directly from Latvia, Lithuania or Finland with the following preconditions:

  • The person has taken a coronavirus test no earlier than 72 hours before their arrival in Estonia and the result is negative, or they have taken the test immediately after their arrival in Estonia and the result is negative. The passenger is required to remain in isolation while waiting for the test result
  • They arrive in Estonia for the purpose of working, studying or receiving health services or for family reasons or transit. Passengers arriving in Estonia for the reasons listed above are not obligated to test for coronavirus

From December 7 The State Border Guard (VRS) in cooperation with the National Armed Forces and the State Police (VP) will intensify monitoring whether persons entering Latvia have filled in the electronic confirmation on the mentioned website. For entering Latvia, the electronic confirmation must be filled on covidpass.lv. From January 25, upon entering Latvia, only one type of test will be valid, namely, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. The PCR test is widely used worldwide because it is the most internationally recognized method for the detection of COVID-19. People who have developed COVID-19 recently (up to three months) will need to show a doctor’s certificate that they are not infectious.

For more information please see the Latvian Ministry of Interior website