Emergency situation

Foreigners right to stay and work in Estonia

Foreigners who have legal basis for staying in Estonia as of 12 March and whose return to their home country is restricted, have legal basis for continuing to stay in Estonia temporarily. There is no need to submit an application regarding the extension of stay to the PBGB or to come to the PGBG service office.

These foreigners whose return to their country of residence is not restricted, have to leave Estonia before their basis of stay is expired.

The PBGB is implementing resources to contain the spread of the virus and, therefore, applications for visas, extension of stay, residence permits, rights for stay and the registration of short-term employment are temporarily not processed. New applications are accepted but no decisions are taken with respect to them.

PBGB will continue proccesing applications for short-term employment for foreigners who are currently staying in Estonia.

The PBGB recommends waiting with the submission of applications until the emergency situation is over. Applications for visas and residence permits can be submitted at the PBGB service offices only as a last resort. In the case of repeated application for residence permit, it may be submitted by postal mail (Pärnu mnt 139, Tallinn, 15060) or email (ppa@politsei.ee). Applications for short-term employment can be submitted by using the police self service portal: http://iseteenindus.politsei.ee

Ask for additional information at 612 3500 (M-F 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.) or by email migrationadvice@politsei.ee