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Foreigners right to study and work in Estonia

Foreign nationals can enter Estonia for the purpose of work and study. The Police and Border Guard Board will continue to process residence permits and register short-term employment as usual.

Although foreigners have the right to enter Estonia for the purpose of work and study, people without symptoms may be subject to the obligation to self-isolate and mandatory Covid-19 test depending on the country from which they started their trip or countries through which they transited. The list of countries exempted from the obligation of self-isolation is available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Upon arriving to Estonia, all foreigners who come here from high-risk country or outside of Schengen to study or work must get tested for Covid-19 and stay in self-isolation for 14 days. After 14 days it is mandatory to get tested for the second time, and in case it is negative, working and studying is allowed. Self-isolation continues in case of positive Covid-19 test. 

Self-isolation cannot be shortened if foreigners arrive to Estonia to study or work from high-risk countries or outside of Schengen. 

In order for a foreign national to come to work in Estonia, the employer must previously register the foreign national for short-term employment with the Police and Border Guard Board. In order to study in Estonia, a foreign national must be admitted to an educational establishment in advance.

How long can a foreign national work in Estonia?

Pursuant to the Aliens Act, a foreign national legally staying in Estonia is allowed to work here for up to 12 months within the period of 15 months, or 9 months within the period of 12 months in the case of seasonal work. This presupposes that the employer wishes to recruit the alien and registers his or her short-term employment with the Police and Border Guard Board.

Where can an employer apply for registration of short-term employment?

These applications can be submitted online via the Police and Border Guard Board’s self-service portal: https://etaotlus.politsei.ee/ltr/

If I have a valid D-visa and my employer terminates my employment, will my visa be revoked immediately?

No. You shall be given reasonable time to find a new job and update your documentation.