Emergency situation

Organisation of work at service offices

Wearing a mask whilst visiting our service offices is recommended.

You can apply for an ID card and a passport using the PBGB self service portal. Fingerprinting is not required when renewing an ID card and you can upload an appropriate document photograph by yourself. The photograph requirements are described in detail in the online application environment.

Self service portal of the PBGB

To apply for a passport, you need to provide your fingerprint. Therefore, you need to use a photo booth at a service office, after which you can proceed to fill out the application using the self service portal. That way, you can reduce the time spent at a service office. If you have provided your fingerprint less than six years ago, you can use it again when applying for a passport. When logging into the self service portal, the system will determine whether fingerprinting is necessary.

The documents ready to be issued are kept at PBGB service offices for six months.

Information regarding applying for documents:

The following options can be used as alternatives to the ID card when conducting electronic business:

  • Mobile ID
  • Smart-ID
  • Digi-ID

Passport is an appropriate document for physical identification.

The service offices are following detailed requirements for infection prevention. The employees attending the clients are using personal protective equipment, and the surfaces and equipment that the clients and employees touch are cleaned regularly. Clients are encouraged to use the hand sanitisers available at the service offices. If a service office is starting to get too crowded, some people may be asked to wait outside.

What measures have been taken in service offices to prevent the spread of the virus?

All service offices have disinfectants for use by customers. Our customer service workers wear masks, gloves, regularly clean their work desk, counter and other commonly used surfaces and work equipment.

If I only have a mild cold, can I come to the service office for an urgent procedure?

If possible, please do not come. To quickly apply for a document please use the self-service portal. You can collect the document after you're no longer are ill. We keep documents at the service office for six months.

I must come to the service office for an urgent procedure, but I belong to the high-risk group. Can I authorise anyone else to come on my behalf?

Another person can collect your document only if the authorisation has been submitted at the service office or at the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia already with the application. If an authorised representative comes to collect the document, he/she should bring along his/her valid Estonian identity document and your old passport.