Emergency situation

Restrictions on the Estonian-Russian border

As from 18 March, the Russian border has been closed to citizens of other countries and stateless persons.

Only the following persons who do not show any signs of illness may cross the border:
  • employees of diplomatic representations and their family members residing in Russia
  • lorry drivers involved in international transport
  • crew members of aircraft and ships
  • train crew members involved in international rail transport
  • members of official delegations
  • persons who have been issued a diplomatic, service or regular visa in connection with the death of a close relative
  • persons who permanently reside in the Russian Federation

Subject to the restrictions with effect from 30 March:
  • foreign nationals (including Estonian citizens and residents) can leave Russia
  • Russian citizens residing in Estonia on the basis of a residence permit are admitted to Russia, but they can return to Estonia only after Russia has lifted the restrictions
  • Russian citizens and residents of Russia who have their permanent residence in Russia are allowed to return to their place of residence
  • no new changes were introduced regarding international freight

For additional information about crossing the Russian border, please contact the information hotlines of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: +7(495) 587 88 60, +7(499) 244 19 77, +7 (499) 244 19 88, +7(499) 244 28 47.

There are no restrictions to leaving the country and the PBGB does not carry out border control on the outward direction. However, when leaving Estonia, a person should familiarise themselves with restrictions in the country of destination and countries of transit. When returning to Estonia, restrictions must be taken into account.