Estonian passport for an adult

Reminders for document holders

  • Keep your document in a secure place.
  • Do not give your document to anyone else.
  • Do not twist or bend your document.
  • Protect your document from drastic temperature fluctuations, humidity, sustained direct sunlight, chemical substances and their vapors.
  • Your document has a microchip containing personal data (including facial and fngerprint images).
  • Before travelling, visit for useful information, advice and visa requirements and for registering your trip.
  • If you need consular assistance, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by calling the 24 hour helpline: +372 5301 9999 or by using the web consul service on Facebook (
  • When in a non European Union country where Estonia does not have a foreign mission, consular assistance can be requested from the missions of other European Union Member States.

Document is lost or stolen

Please notify the Police and Border Guard Board or a foreign mission of the Republic of Estonia. To have the document revoked, please submit a corresponding application at a Police and Border Guard Board service office or, digitally signed, by e-mail to ..., or apply for a new document.

Personal data has changed

Please apply for a new document within 30 days. All formerly issued documents (including ID card and mobile ID) will be revoked.