Residence permit card for an adult

Reminder to document holder

  • Do not hand over your document to others.
  • Keep the PIN codes to yourself and in secure place. It is advisable to memorize the PIN codes.
  • Do not twist or bend the document.
  • Avoid contact with sharp and metal objects (keys, coins).
  • Protect your document from drastic temperature fluctuations, humidity, direct sunlight, chemical substances and their vapors.
  • Install the latest version of the software your computer at
  • Download updates offered by an operating system, security software, web browsers and the ID-software.
  • The terms and conditions of using the certificates can be found at
  • For assistance with the electronic use of the document, please contact the ID user support hrough the inquiry form on website
  • Insert the document into the smart-card reader only for necessary actions in order to ensure the continuous usability of the document. Information on supported smart-card readers can be fount at

PIN codes are lost, stolen or forgotten

Please visit the nearest Police and Border Guard Board service point or an Estonian embassy or consulate general to receive new PIN codes.

Document is lost or stolen

Please contact +372 677 3377 to suspend the certificates. If you find the document, the suspended certificates can be reactivated at a Police and Border Guard Board service point or an Estonian embassy or consulate general.

In order to revoke the document, please submit an application at Police and Border Guard Board service point, digitally signed to ... or apply for a new document.

Personal data has been changed

Please apply for a new document within 30 days. All formerly issued documents (including mobile ID and digi-ID) will be revoked.

ID user support

Suspension of certificates +372 677 3377