Residence permit for studying for educational institutions

Obligations for educational institution

What are the obligations of an educational institution with regard to accepting an foreigner?

The sponsor is obliged to:

  • verify that the foreigner invited to Estonia would have a legal basis for the stay in Estonia
  • receive the foreigner in Estonia
  • provide the foreigner with accommodation, if necessary
  • bear the costs of the stay of the foreigner in Estonia and of their departure from Estonia, if necessary.

When accepting an foreigner, the educational institution is also under the obligation of notification.

What is an educational institution’s obligation of notification with regard to accepting foreigner?

As a representative of an educational institution, student organisation or youth association that has submitted an invitation for the issue of a residence permit to an alien, you must notify the Police and Border Guard Board within 2 weeks, if the foreigner:

  • fails to commence the studies within the prescribed term
  • fails to fully complete the curriculum
  • has interrupted their studies
  • has been exmatriculated from the educational institution
  • has discontinued their studies.

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