State fee amounts

Weapons permit

Submit the application for the weapons permit in the self-service environment and pay the state fee via bank link.

Applications related to weapons (reference no.: 2900082456)
Acquisition permit30€
Weapons permit30€
Parallel weapons permit30€
Weapons collection permit30€
Permit to carry weapon (applied for by legal person)30€
Demolition of weapon, rendering a weapon incapable of firing and to verify the conformity of the procedure to the requirements30€
Registration of an imported deactivated weapon15€
Registration of a change of owner of deactivated weapon15€
Extension of acquisition permit and collection permit15€
Entering additional data on to the collection permit15€
Change of weapons permit, parallel weapons permit and permit to carry weapon15€
Weapons permit examination30€
Examination of shooting examination for different category of firearm by holder of valid weapons permit15€
European Firearms Pass15€
Issue of special permit for import or export of firearm or gas weapon30€ iga relva kohta
Prior permit and permit for onward transport of firearms in the European Union30€ iga tulirelva kohta
Prior permit for allowing firearms into free circulation as a good30€ iga tulirelva kohta
Amendment or extension of special permit, prior permit or permit30€*

*For increasing the number of weapons on the permit, €30 for each additional weapon