Weapons permit for legal person

Permit to carry a weapon

A permit to carry a weapon may be applied for by a weapon owner who is a legal person.

Before applying

Before applying for the permit to carry a weapon:

  • pay the state fee
  • check that the employees who will carry the weapon or the competitive shooters have taken a weapon examination.

Applying for a permit to carry a weapon

To submit the application, proceed to a suitable service office and bring with you the following for the employees or sportsmen who will carry the weapon:

  • list specifying
    • given name and surname
    • personal identification code;
    • position
    • place of residence
    • weapon category
    • weapon make
  • health certificates
  • number of document photos measuring 3x4 cm corresponding to the number of permits, not older than one-half year (or provide consent to use photograph in your own identity document database) There must be one additional photograph for each first-time applicant
  • passport or ID card
  • residence permit (for foreigners)