Weapons permits for individuals

Acquisition permit

What is it for?

An individual may acquire, own or possess a weapon for the following purposes:

  • hunting
  • self-defence or the protection of property
  • sporting activities (engaging in sports that warrant the use of a firearm with a magazine in restricted commerce)
  • pursuing a profession
  • gun collecting
  • historical re-enactments or enactment of cultural events

Who is it for?

Weapons may be acquired if you are a citizen of the Republic of Estonia or a foreigner who holds a valid Estonian residence permit or resides in Estonia on the basis of a right of residence. You may acquire a weapon at the age of 18 or above, and for some categories of weapons, at the age of 21, provided that you have been issued a weapons permit by the Police and Border Guard Board for the type of weapon you wish to acquire. If you wish to acquire another type of weapon, start by applying for a weapons permit.

Which weapons require an acquisition permit?

An acquisition permit is required for obtaining the following weapons:

  • gas weapons, other than gas spray
  • pneumatic weapons more than 4.5 mm in calibre
  • cut and thrust weapons in restricted commerce
  • projectile weapons in restricted commerce
  • firearms in restricted commerce

Section 20 of the Weapons Act provides a list of weapons prohibited in civilian commerce.

Read the Weapons Act to see the requirements that apply to:

If a person has two weapons, there must be a weapons safe (regulation of the Minister of the Interior)

Applying for an acquisition permit through the self-service portal

Apply for an acquisition permit using the self-service portal at https://relvataotlus.politsei.ee/.

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the self-service portal.

You can pay the state fee in the self-service portal by online banking.

If you are applying for the first time, start by applying for a weapons permit.

Once you have obtained a weapons permit, you can apply for an acquisition permit in the self-service portal.

Upload copies of the required documents:

  • a hunting certificate if you need the weapon for hunting
  • a document certifying membership of a sports organisation if you need the weapon to engage in sports

Applying for an acquisition permit at a service office

In case you wish to submit an application at a service office, pay the state fee before proceeding to the service office.

Take the following with you when you go to a service office:

  • an identity document
  • a hunting certificate if you need the weapon for hunting
  • a document certifying membership of a sports organisation if you need the weapon to engage in sports
  • a collection permit if you wish to acquire the weapon for a collection

Circumstances precluding the issue of an acquisition permit

Within no more than two months, a proceedings officer shall verify the circumstances precluding the issue of an acquisition permit (section 36 of the Weapons Act), including:

  • a mental or behavioural disorder caused by the use of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances
  • a severe mental disorder
  • a physical disability which prevents a person from adequately handling the weapon applied for
  • evasion of service in the Defence Forces
  • active legal capacity is restricted and a guardian has been appointed
  • a criminal record
  • lifestyle and behaviour
  • compliance with the requirements of the Weapons Act on storage conditions for weapons

After applying for an acquisition permit

An acquisition permit is valid for 3 months. If it proves impossible to acquire a weapon within this period, be sure to apply for an extension of the acquisition permit before it expires.

Within seven working days, you must register a weapon acquired with a paper acquisition permit at the PBGB service office of your place of residence or location and apply for a weapons permit. When registering a weapon on the basis of an acquisition permit filled in by the weapons seller, the weapon itself does not need to be presented.

A weapon purchased from a weapons shop on the basis of a digital acquisition permit issued from 26 February 2019 shall be immediately entered on the weapons permit.