Weapons permits for individuals

Additional shooting test for extending validity of weapons permit

Who is it for?

You must pass an additional shooting test if you apply for an extension of the validity of a weapons permit or a parallel weapons permit, which state that the weapon is intended for ensuring safety only (protecting yourself and your property).

You are not required to pass an additional shooting test if the weapons permit indicates that at least one of the weapons is intended for hunting or engaging in sports.

If several types of weapons are entered on the weapons permit of the person taking the exam, the additional shooting test shall be carried out using only one type of weapon selected by him or her. The shooting test is performed using a personal weapon. In the absence of a personal weapon or if the personal weapon cannot be used for technical reasons, the test is taken using a weapon of the Police and Border Guard Board.

An additional shooting test does not have to be taken by police officers, prison officers, active servicemen and assistant police officers entitled to carry a firearm, as well as active members of the Defence League who hold a permit to carry a weapon. Similarly, as of 15 July 2020, officials of the Rescue Board who have acquired the profession of an explosive ordnance disposal technician and have the right to carry a firearm are not required to take the additional shooting test.

What is it for?

Every weapon owner must be able to handle their weapon safely and hit the target. A weapon poses a threat in the hands of an incompetent weapon owner. Just as weapon owners engaged in hunting or shooting sports regularly display their skills, individuals who apply for a weapons permit to protect themselves and their property must show they maintain their weapon handling skills.

How to apply?

Use the self-service portal at https://relvataotlus.politsei.ee/ to extend the validity of a weapons permit.

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the self-service portal.

You can pay the state fee in the self-service portal by online banking.

Upload copies of the required documents:

  • a medical certificate not older than 3 months issued by a general practitioner
  • a hunting certificate if you need the weapon for hunting
  • a document certifying membership of a sports organisation if you need the weapon to engage in sports

Once you have submitted an application in the self-service portal, an official will contact you and agree on a time and place for the examination.

Before attending the examination, pay the corresponding state fee using a bank link in the self-service portal.

In the first part of the shooting test, an examinee’s skills in handling an unloaded weapon are tested. The second part involves shooting at a distance.

You have to use your personal weapon and ammunition. The firearms that may be used are a pistol, a revolver and a rifle with a calibre of up to 5.6 mm rimfire cartridge (.22LR).

When attending a shooting test with a personal weapon, the weapon must be unloaded and disassembled or packed in a manner which precludes the immediate use of the weapon. In addition to the regular ammunition, also bring dummy rounds or blank cartridges suitable for your weapon when you attend the test.

If it is not possible to take the shooting test with your personal weapon, you will be offered a corresponding type of weapon of the PBGB to perform the shooting test.

We advise you to brush up the basics of safe weapon handling and practice shooting before attending the test.

Repeat examination

If your shooting test was unsuccessful, you can repeat it pursuant to the examination schedule.

If you do not pass the shooting test before your weapons permit expires, you will have to hand over the weapon and its ammunition to the police no later than the last working day before the expiry of the permit.

Make sure that you hand over a sufficient amount of ammunition to take the repeat shooting test.

Pay the state fee before retaking a shooting test or examination.