Weapons permits for individuals

Changing of weapons permit

You must apply for a replacement of your weapons permit, if your weapons permit is:

  • expiring
  • lost

You must apply for a new digital weapons permit if your weapons permit has:

  • become unusable

You must request a change of the data on your weapons permit if

  • your details have changed
  • the weapon’s storage location has changed
  • you transfer the weapon entered on the weapons permit but do not wish to surrender the weapons permit

You can order a reminder about the expiry of your weapons permit in the state portal eesti.ee.

Extension of a weapons permit or change of data

Extend a weapons permit or change the data using the self-service portal at https://relvataotlus.politsei.ee/.

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the self-service portal.

You can select the necessary application from under your digital weapons permit.

To apply for a digital permit, go to a suitable service office and take the following with you:

  • an identity document
  • in the case of an expiring weapons permit, a medical certificate issued by a general practitioner, which is not older than 3 months
  • a weapons permit to be replaced (if issued on paper)
  • a copy of a hunting certificate or a document certifying membership of a shooting sports organisation
  • a written consent of the owner of the weapon in case of expiry of a parallel weapons permit

Please note that in order to replace a weapons permit, you must submit documents to the Police and Border Guard Board in due time as follows:

  • in case a weapons permit or a permit to carry a weapon expires – at least one month before expiry
  • in case a weapons permit or a permit to carry a weapon becomes unusable – immediately after the permit has become unusable
  • in case the data concerning the holder of a weapon, a weapons permit or a permit to carry a weapon changes, or the weapon’s storage location changes – within seven working days as of the change in the data or location
  • in case a weapons permit, a permit to carry a weapon or a weapon is lost or destroyed – within seven working days as of receipt of the decision provided for in subsection 43 (5) of the Weapons Act
  • in case a parallel weapons permit or a permit to carry a weapon is replaced with a weapons permit – within three months from the date of expiry of the permit

If an application for the replacement of a weapons permit could not be submitted within the period of time provided for in the Weapons Act with good reason, you must submit a request for the restoration of the term. See the Administrative Procedure Act for more information.