Weapons permits for individuals

Import and export of weapons

If you have an acquisition permit and wish to acquire a weapon from a foreign country:

  • In the case of an EU member state, apply for a prior permit
  • for other countries, you must apply for a special permit

The precondition for applying for a permit to export a weapon from Estonia is a prior permit issued in the destination country for importing the weapon.

If you intend to go hunting outside the European Union, a single-use special permit must be applied for.

A state fee must be paid for each firearm entered on to the permit.

A licensed legal person may import and export arms and ammunition in and out of the country only on the basis of a single-use special permit.

A weapon, essential component thereof and ammunition may be imported to Estonia if entered into the register of service and civilian weapons. If the weapon is not listed there, apply to the Estonian Forensic Science Institute for a type approval.

You may import a weapon, essential component thereof or ammunition to Estonia for your own use if you have an acquisition permit and special permit for the corresponding weapon or its essential component.

Before applying

Before applying for a special permit, pay the state fee.

Applying for a special permit

Submit the completed and digitally signed application By email to the general PBGB email address: or to the official responsible for permits.

If you are applying for export of weapon or ammunition, you must submit, together with the application, a copy of the import permit issued by the competent authority of the good’s end user country.