Weapons permits for individuals

Rendering a weapon incapable of firing

A weapon is rendered inoperable by processing it in such a way that it can no longer be fired.

A corresponding authorisation is required to render a weapon inoperable and to establish compliance with deactivation requirements.

After a weapon is rendered inoperable or compliance with deactivation requirements is established, the PBGB shall declare the weapon incapable of firing and issue a certificate confirming it.

Before applying

This requires a prior agreement with a weapons specialist who will render the weapon inoperable since the permit will be issued to a specific licensed person.

Applying for rendering a weapon inoperable through the self-service portal

Apply for rendering a weapon inoperable using the self-service portal at https://relvataotlus.politsei.ee/.

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the self-service portal.

You can pay the state fee in the self-service portal by online banking.

Applying for rendering a weapon inoperable at a service office

Pay the state fee before proceeding to a service office for submitting an application for rendering a weapon inoperable.

To submit the application, go to a suitable service office and take the following with you:
an identity document

After applying

The permit for rendering a weapon inoperable is valid for 1 month. If it is not possible to use the permit during this time, submit an application for an extension of the permit to the PBGB before the expiration date. There is no need to pay the state fee again.

Compliance with deactivation requirements

Within 30 days of the date on which a weapon rendered inoperable was brought into Estonia, you must submit an application for establishing compliance with deactivation requirements.

Before applying

Pay the state fee before submitting an application.

Applying for the establishment of compliance with deactivation requirements

To submit an application, go to a suitable service office or submit a digitally signed application via email to ....

Take the following with you when you go to a service office:

  • an identity document
  • data on the type and marking of the weapon
  • a copy of the certificate of deactivation issued in another country (if there is one)