Weapons permits for individuals

Transfer of weapon to another person

Transfer of a weapon means the transfer of ownership of a weapon to another individual or legal person.

As the owner or possessor of a weapon, you may transfer the weapon:

  • to an individual who holds an acquisition permit for the corresponding weapon
  • by way of commission sale through a person who holds an activity licence for the sale of weapons
  • to a company holding an activity licence for the sale, manufacture, conversion or repair of weapons

A weapon transfer permit cannot be applied for by a person using the weapon under a parallel weapons permit.

Applying for a weapon transfer permit through the self-service portal

Apply for a weapon transfer permit using the self-service portal at https://relvataotlus.politsei.ee/.

We recommend using Google Chrome to access the self-service portal.

You can pay the state fee in the self-service portal by online banking.

Applying for a weapon transfer permit at a service office

To submit the application, go to a suitable service office and take the following with you:

  • an identity document
  • if necessary, a document proving the legality of possession of the weapon (such as a certificate of succession)

After transferring a weapon, you must also submit a request for the weapons permit details to be changed. You can submit a request for changing the weapons permit details by selecting it from under a digital weapons permit to be replaced using the self-service portal or do it at a service office.

Changing the weapons permit details is subject to state fee. The state fee can only be paid in cash at our service offices.