International cooperation

While European Partners against Corruption (EPAC) includes more than 60 anti-corruption authorities and police oversight bodies from Council of Europe Member Countries, the European contact-point network against corruption (EACN) brings together close to 50 anti-corruption authorities from European Union Member States. Most anti-corruption authorities are members of both, as is the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

Estonian Police and Border Guard Board is also member of EPAC and EACN already for several years. We do have two Bureaus represented in organization: Corruption Crime Bureau (from National Criminal Police) and Internal Control Bureau.

Corruption Crime Bureau is a representative in Anti-Corruption Agencies network and workshops, Internal Control Bureau is a representative in Police Oversight Bodies network and workshops.

The European Partners against Corruption/European contact-point network against corruption (EPAC/EACN) has one President, two Vice Presidents and two Deputy Vice Presidents. All are elected for a two year term by the General Assembly, with the possibility of re-election.

From 2016 the President of EPAC/EACN is Andreas Wieselthaler from Austria. In 2017 Mati Ombler (Head of Corruption Crime Bureau) was elected as the Vice President on Anti-Corruption Strand.

Every year there are working group meetings taking place for changing experiences and finding better solutions in tackling corruption. Annual Conference is also taking place. Last annual Conference was held in October 2018 in Rust, Austria. During the Conference the Pannonia Declaration 2018 was adopted.