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Traffic changes

Due to the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, traffic changes are introduced in Tallinn over the coming six months.

28-29 September Tallinn Digital Summit

On Thursday between 12pm and 9pm, the delegations will move from Tallinn Airport to city centre hotels via Tartu maantee.

On Thursday between 3pm and 11pm a segment of Rävala puiestee in front of Swissotel, the direction from city centre towards Tartu maantee will be closed. Fr. R. Kreutzwaldi Street in front of Hilton Park Hotel will be closed for traffic on Thrursday from 12pm until Friday midnight. Parking will be restricted by Radisson Blu Sky Hotel on Rävala puiestee from midday Thursday until the evening of the 30th of September.

On Thursday from 6pm until 8pm, the delegations will move from hotels to Kadriorg Art Museum. Traffic will be disrupted on Tartu, Pärnu and Narva maantee.

On Thursday from 6pm until 11pm, A. Weizenbergi road will be closed for traffic from J. Poska intersection to Mäekalda Street.

From 12pm on Thursday until Saturday morning, there are temporary parking restrictions on Toompea and Vene Street in the old town.

On Friday from 9am until 11am, Põhja puiestee will be closed for traffic from Sadama Street to Kalaranna Street. Kalaranna Street will be closed from Oda Street to Kalasadama Street. Kalasadama Street will be fully shut for vehicles.

Vehicles will be redirected through Tööstuse and Oda streets. We suggest those coming from Pirita use Smuuli road, Peterburi road and Tehnika Street to reach Põhja-Tallinn.

On Friday from 11am until 9pm, pedestrian access to Linnahall will be restricted. Pedestrians can reach Linda Line harbour through Kalasadama Street. Vehicles can reach A-terminal through Logi, which will temporarily be a two way street.

It should also be taken into consideration that on Friday the Circle K petrol station on Põhja puiestee will be shut for pedestrians and vehicles.

From 5pm on Friday, the delegations will move from Tallinn Creative Hub to hotels and to the airport. Some delegations will go to the airport on Saturday morning, which might also disrupt traffic.

Police recommends everybody travelling to the airport on Thursday and Friday to plan ahead and allow extra time.

Please follow traffic signs or the directions of traffic controllers.

Traffic changes introduced as of 28 June

  • The parking lots between Tallinn Creative Hub and Linnahall will be closed during the Presidency period.
  • The parking lot in front of Tallinn Creative Hub can be accessed from Kai, Poordi and Sadama streets.
  • During some events, the police will close Rumbi Street, located near Linnahall. The PBGB will be publishing updates on this.
  • The Linda Line port can be accessed via a pedestrian corridor. Vehicles retain access from Kalasadama Street to the quay behind Linnahall.
  • Parking will be restricted in the parking lots of Hilton, Nordica and Radisson hotels during the Presidency period.
  • The police will halt city centre traffic while delegations are on the move for as short periods as possible.
  • Temporary traffic signs will be used to inform of all traffic changes.


  • Allow extra time when moving in the city centre during Presidency events, especially at rush hour.
  • Upon noticing a motorcade, drivers should keep to the right of the road, and be sure to signal before changing lanes.
  • Please follow traffic signs or the directions of traffic controllers.
  • If planning to travel (including to nearby countries), please make sure that your travel documents are valid, and please keep them ready at the airport and at ports.
  • Allow extra time for boarding and getting off a vessel.


For viewing a bigger traffic scheme click on the picture (information in Estonian)