Avalehe pilt
Release from the Estonian citizenship

Release from Estonian citizenship may be refused to a person, if:

  • the person would become stateless as a result;
  • he or she has unperformed obligations before the Estonian state;
  • he or she is in active service in the Estonian Defence Forces.

For submission of an application for release from the citizenship please address in person a Service Office, or a Representations of the Republic of Estonia, or apply by post or by e-mail.

An application on behalf of a minor younger than 15 years of age or of a ward shall be submitted by his/her legal representative (parent or guardian). A minor aged 15-18 can submit an application himself/herself with the consent of his/her legal representative.

Documents requested for application

  • application form (complete on screen or print out and fill in by hand.) Instructions for filling the application form. You may also submit a handwritten application, in which you must state the given name and surname, date and place of birth, residence, the applied citizenship, and signature confirming correctness of the data;
  • an identity document;
  • a certificate proving the citizenship of any other country or the fact that the applicant will receive the citizenship of another country in connection with the release from the Estonian citizenship;
  • a document certifying the payment of the state fee.

Decision on release from Estonian citizenship
Upon registration of your application for release from the Estonian citizenship a relevant certification shall be issued to you.

Documents related to the release from the Estonian citizenship shall be forwarded within 1 year starting from the registration date of the application to the Government of the Republic for taking a decision.

In case of release from Estonian citizenship please return immediately the invalidated documents of Estonian citizen to a Service Office , or, if you are staying abroad, to the nearest foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia.