Avalehe pilt

Digital certificate of identity or digi-ID is a digital document that enables to identify one’s person in electronic environment and to put the digital signature.

Digi-ID can be applied for, if you are

  • the Estonian citizen who holds valid ID-card or if you are applying for the digi-ID together with the ID-card;
  • an alien who holds valid residence permit card / ID-card or if you are applying the digi-ID together with the residence permit card.

An application for a digi-ID for a minor of less than 15 years of age is submitted by the legal representative of the minor (a parent, guardian, authorised representative of a guardianship authority).
Digi-ID can be applied for in Service Offices and the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia, by post or by e-mail.

Documents required for applying:

Additional documents, if you apply for digi-ID for a child of less than 15 years:

  • please submit the identity document of a legal representative.
  • if application is submitted by a guardian designated by the court or authorised representative of the guardianship authority and right of representation is not entered to the Estonian population register, please submit a document proving right of representation;

Issuance of the digi-ID
Digi-ID is issued after acceptance of the application for the proceeding to an applicant, to the legal representative of a child marked in the application form in person:

  • in the Service Office, if possible done while the applicant is waiting (Attention! Digi-ID cannot be issued at the Pärnu Road Service Office);
  • in the foreign representation of the Republic of Estonia (delivery to a foreign representation may take more time than 30 days)
  • To a minor of at least 15 years of age, the digi-ID shall be issued in person.


By reception of digi-ID, please submit a valid ID-card/residence permit card.