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Important information for the applicant of the e-resident’s digi-ID

In Service Offices

In the Service Office, please submit documents required for applying for the e-resident digi-ID. The official will fill in the application questionnaire at the spot (no need to fill it in advance).


By post

Please send documents required for application and copies of the original documents to the address:

Police and Border Guard Administration
Pärnu mnt 139
15060 Tallinn

Conformity of a copy to an original document confirm by your name, signature and date on every page of the copy containing data.


By e-mail

Sign documents required for applying for digi-ID (digital colour photo in *.jpg format) digitally in one container.

Send the signed container to an address taotlus@politsei.ee. The subject of an e-mail, please write:“Application for e-resident's digi-ID“.

for saving and digital signing of the questionnaire.

You are not obliged to sign documents digitally if you do not own digital Estonian identity document.


State fee

The state fee can be paid:

  • by bank transfer;
  • in Service Offices the state fee can be paid in cash, by bankcard or by bank transfer through online bank, using the client computer at the Service Office. All most common debit and credit cards are accepted. American Express payment cards are not accepted.
  • if application for e-resident digi-ID is submitted electronically, the state fee must be payed by credit card.


By applying for e-resident's digi-ID In Estonia or electronically
In foreign representation
Payment of the state fee

100 €

 100 €
By bank transfer:
Beneficiary: Rahandusministeerium

Beneficiary’s accounts:

SWEDBANK EE932200221023778606
SEB PANK EE891010220034796011
DANSKE BANK EE403300333416110002
NORDEA BANK EE701700017001577198

Reference number: 2900082443

To details of payment it is necessary to write name of the procedure, name of the person and ID-code (if it exists) on behalf of whom you are paying the state fee
(for example: ID-card - Meeri Meri, 40302010000)


Payment by bank transfer from a bank located in a foreign country
When the state fee is paid from a bank located in a foreign state, then the receipt of the transferred sum on the recipient’s account may take 2 weeks. While effecting payment of the state fee from a bank located in a foreign country, it is necessary to know, in addition to the abovementioned, also BIC-code or SWIFT-code of the bank located in Estonia.

  • The BIC i.e. SWIFT code of the SEB is EEUHEE2X.
  • The BIC i.e. SWIFT code of the Swedbank is HABAEE2X.
  • The BIC i.e. SWIFT code of the Danske Bank in Estonia is FOREEE2X
  • The BIC i.e. SWIFT code of the Nordea Bank is NDEAEE2X



  • SEB Pank AS: Tornimäe 2 Tallinn 15010 Estonia
  • Swedbank: Liivalaia 8 Tallinn 15040 Estonia
  • Danske Bank A/S Eesti filiaal: Narva mnt 11 Tallinn 15015 Estonia
  • Nordea Bank AB Eesti filiaal: Liivalaia 45 Tallinn 10145 Estonia

Colour photo of 40x50 mm

Requirements to a photo
It must be possible to identify a person on the basis of a photo univocally.

  • A person must be depicted at a photo:
    • en face,
    • having neutral expression and closed mouth,
    • without headgear,
    • with eyes open and look has to be directed towards camera lens.
  • It has to be a colour photo, by size of 40 x 50 mm.
  • Area between chin and top of head must form 70-80% of the vertical height of the photo.
  • Glasses are allowed, if eyes are not covered by spectacle frames and there are no “gleams of light” from reflection of glasses.
  • Photo has to be taken within 6 months before submitting an application. 
  • Hair may not cover face nor cause shades on face. 
  • Photo may not have fingerprints, scratches or any other defects on it. 
  • Colour gamma of the photo must have natural spectre (may not be overexposed nor underexposed).
  • Background of the photo must be flat, mono-colour, of bright colour (commendatory colours are light blue, beige, light brown, light grey or white) and in contrast with colour of face and hair.  
  • Red-eye effect on the photo is not allowed are also its removal by means of the software is forbidden.

More detailed requirements set to the photo can be found here.

Proportions of the taken photos can be compared by means of a template that can be found here. By printing of the template, we ask not to change the scale.

The document photo can be taken free of charge in all service points.

Photo taken in a photo booth is digital and it can be used in all Service Offices, by applications sent by post or by e-mail within 30 days. If you submit the application by post or by email and you took he photo at the photo booth in the Service Office, then please insert this information to your application.

By applying for a document for a child being below the age of three years it is easier to take a photo by a photographer than in photo booth. If necessary, ask for additional information or assistance from customer service official.