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Attention! Important information for everyone who applied for Mobiil-ID certificates in 2014. Starting from 01.04.2017, certificates applied for in 2014 are cancelled for security reasons.

The user of Mobiil-ID can take a new and more secure SIM card of Mobiil-ID from his/her mobile operator and apply for new certificates for it that are valid for 5 years. All users of Mobiil-ID who are facing the revocation of certificates, will receive an SMS message with notification their mobile operator.


Mobiil-ID is a person's identification and digital signing solution for mobile phone. It can be used for making the same procedures as with an ID card, but even more conveniently. 

For obtaining a SIM-card, which includes readiness for Mobiil-ID, and for entry into an agreement, please contact your mobile service provider. Thereafter you need to activate the Mobiil-ID in the application environment provided below.

The state fee for subscription to the Mobiil-ID service is 10 euros and the fee shall be paid at the mobile service provider. For additional information, please contact your mobile service provider.

The Mobiil-ID certificates are valid for up to 5 years. Mobiil-ID will be issued with maximum validity if the technical solution of the data carrier (SIM card) corresponds to the conditions required for the safe use of the document within five years. A Mobiil-ID cannot be applied for via a representative.

If your personal data has changed, please contact your mobile service provider for revocation of the certificates of your Mobiil-ID and for applying for a Mobiil-ID SIM card with new personal data.

For activating your Mobiil-ID you will need the following:

Mobiil-ID activation:

  • insert the ID card, residence card or digi-ID into the card reader PRIOR to clicking the application environment link
  • click the button “Enter the Mobiil-ID application environment”
  • follow the instructions on the screen.



NB! Refreshing the browser information (using F5 or Refresh) does not speed up requests or displaying of the information. If the process has frozen, please close the browser and start the application anew.

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