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Refugee’s travel document

Refugee’s travel document is a document that is issued to a refugee for crossing the state border.

Refugee's travel document can be applied for can be applied for in Service Offices of the Migration and Citizenship Bureau. If less than 2 years have passed since applying for the previous refugee's travel document and taking of fingerprints, you can also apply for an aliens passport by post.

A refugee's travel document can be applied for in expedited order in the Service Offices.

Documents required for application:

Additional documents:

  • if you have moderate, severe or profound disability and favourable conditions of paying the state fee apply to you, please submit the document certifying the disability (for example, medial expert decision, pension certificate)
  • if you have changed your personal data (for example, name) in a foreign country and changed personal data are not entered to the Estonian population register, please submit document proving change of personal data (for example, marriage certificate)

Issuance of the refugee’s travel document
Refugee’s travel document is issued within 30 days (after acceptance of the application for the proceeding) to an applicant in person in the Service Office marked in the application form.

A refugee's travel document applied for in expedited order is issued within 2 working days (counting starts from working day following the day of submission of the application) to an applicant in person in Service Offices located in Tallinn only.

You can check the status of the application for a document here.

On receipt of the refugee's travel document:

  • submit a valid refugee's travel document issued earlier, if it exists;
  • the official will compare your fingerprints to those given earlier.