Avalehe pilt
Residence permit

The issue of residence permits to the third country nationals and persons with undetermined citizenship is regulated by the Aliens Act.

Residence permit may be temporary (validity period up to five years) or long-term.
Timely allocation of the immigration quota for 2016 within the year:

  • for the period of 01.01.2016-30.06.2016 the limit is 658 residence permits
  • for the period of 01.07.2016-31.12.2016 the limit is 659 residence permits.


Attention! Immigration quota allocated for 2016 is becoming fulfilled before the end of the year. Since there is only a month left until the beginning of the next year and new immigration quota is in force from January 2017, the Police and Border Guard Board shall not refuse to give temporary residence permits due to the fulfilment of immigration quota but shall extend the term for proceeding applications until the beginning of the next year. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Upon the issue or extension of the residence permit an alien is issued a residence card. Residence card contains its holder’s personal data, data related to residence and work permits, photo and fingerprint images.

By applying for a residence permit fingerprints are captured from applicants as of 6 years of age. In order to capture fingerprints, an applicant has to apply in person to the Service Office of a Prefecture of the Police and Border Guard Board or to foreign representation of the Republic of EstoniaFingerprints are not taken, if a person is less than 6 years of age, less than 2 years have passed from capturing fingerprints by applying for a travel document, residence permit/right of residence or residence permit card, or if permanent incapability of a person to give fingerprints has been established in advance.