Avalehe pilt
Registration of one's staying away from Estonia

In case if you are holding a residence permit in Estonia and you wish to stay outside Estonia for more than 183 days per year, then you will have to register your staying away with the Police and Border Guard Board either on the spot or by post. You can register your staying away only onwards and for the period of up to two years at a time.

The documents needed for registration of staying away from Estonia:

  • an application form (to be filled in on screen and printed out);
  • the document confirming the reason and circumstances of staying away from Estonia.

The staying away from Estonia shall be registered, if the purpose of the staying away is:

  • study;
  • employment;
  • enterprise;
  • serving of time in foreign armed forces;
  • other temporary reason which presumes staying away from Estonia.

Additional documents
Copy from the page with personal data of the identification document if the documents are submitted by mail. Conformity of a copy to an original document confirm by your name, signature and date on every page of the copy containing data.

The period of registered staying away from Estonia will be included within the time of permanent residence in Estonia.

The Police and Border Guard Board has a right to refuse to register the staying away, if such intended staying away is not justified or is contradicting to the purpose for granting the residence permit.