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Applying for a licence providing a security service

A licence to provide a security service (hereinafter a licence) is a right granted on the basis of this Act and other legislation to provide a security service specified in subsection 4 (1) of this Act during the term indicated in the licence, pursuant to the established procedure and under the established conditions.

Security services are listed in section 4 of the Security Act, pursuant to which security services are the following:

1) security consulting;
2) guarding and protection of movable and real property;
3) personal protection;
4) maintaining order at an event or a guarded object;
5) operation of a monitoring centre;
6) planning, installation and maintenance of security equipment.

A licence for providing a security service may be applied for by a person (hereinafter applicant):
•    whose area of activity as indicated in the register or foundation documents is the provision of a security service specified in subsection 4 (1) of this Act;
•    who does not have a holding in any company which manufactures or sells explosive substances, weapons, essential components of firearms, laser sights or ammunition or which converts or repairs weapons or provides private detective services, or who, according to the information held in the commercial register, is not operating in any of those fields.

Documents required for applying

The following information shall be presented in an application for a licence:
1) if the applicant is a natural person, his or her given name, surname, personal identification code and residence;
2) if the applicant is a legal person, its business name and seat; in the case of a security company, a list of shareholders who hold over 5 per cent of the share capital; the full name, seat and registry code of each legal person shall be set out in the list;
3) the name of the security service which the applicant wishes to provide;
4) the place at or area in which the security service is to be provided;
5) the desired period of validity of the licence, though not more than five years;
6) the registry code if the security firm is entered in the commercial register.
7) a transcript of the articles of association of the applicant;
8) in the case of a firm being founded, a statement confirming that it has the resources to perform the security service for which it is applying;
9) a statement from the applicant confirming that the security officer who is to provide the security services meets the requirements set out in subsection 22 (2) of this Act;
•    a copy of the weapons permit if the applicant has a weapon.

An applicant for a licence shall submit a corresponding application to the Prefecture of the location and the latter shall forward the application to the Police and Border Guard Board.

Acts performed by the Prefecture
The Prefecture shall check that the applicant for a licence, the application for a licence and the documents annexed thereto meet the requirements of this Act and shall submit the application, the documents and its opinion on whether a licence should be granted or refused to the Police and Border Guard Board within one month as of the documents required on the basis of this Act being submitted. If the applicant for a licence has committed a violation of this Act during the two years before submitting the application, the Prefecture shall submit a copy of the relevant decision or precept to the Police and Border Guard Board.