Avalehe pilt
Exemption from payment of state fees

Pursuant to section 41 of the State Fees Act, the following persons are exempt from payment of state fees for acts performed on basis of Weapons Act:

  • shooting sports organisations and shooting athletes, for acts provided for in § 249 – 252 of this Act which are required for the ownership, possession and transport of sporting firearms and ammunition belonging thereto;
  • a person who has been awarded a firearm registered in his or her own name by the Minister of Internal Affairs or the Minister of Defence, for the issue a firearms permit for the firearm registered in his or her name;
  • An employee of a diplomatic or consular representation who is a foreign citizen, and a foreign citizen belonging to a foreign official delegation or to a delegation having equal status therewith according to the diplomatic practice and a person accompanying such person, for the issue by the Police and Border Guard Board, at the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of a single special permit for bringing in a weapon registered in the country of their nationality and ammunition belonging to the weapon into Estonia, and for taking such weapon out of Estonia.