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Dec 01, 2016   The immigration quota for the current year is going to be fulfilled
According to the Aliens Act, the annual immigration quota is the quota for aliens immigrating to Estonia, which shall not exceed 0.1 per cent of the permanent population of Estonia annually. For 2016, Government of the Republic established the quota of 1317, which was 0.1 per cent of the permanent population of Estonia and, therefore, the maximum that could be established. Immigration quota allocated for 2016 is becoming fulfilled before the end of the year. Since there is only a month left until the beginning of the next year and new immigration quota is in force from January 2017, the Police and Border Guard Board shall not refuse to give temporary residence permits due to the fulfillment of immigration quota but shall extend the term for proceeding applications until the beginning of the next year.

Mar 02, 2016   Estonia will use stronger cryptography in its eID cards
Starting on March 1st, Estonia will implement stronger cryptography in the ID-cards, digi-ID’s, resident ID-cards and e-resident digi-IDs it produces and issues. The updating of previously-issued cards will begin in March and the update process will last through the end of 2016.

Dec 09, 2015   Head of corruption crimes bureau: changes have to begin from oneself
Today, on International anti-corruption day, corruption crimes bureau of Central Criminal Police, invites citizens to report and to reduce corruption

Oct 29, 2015   Police have uncovered an extensive scheme, by which state documents have been obtained illegally.
Yesterday police detained 12 people, who are suspected of creating preconditions necessary for illegally obtaining state documents. Of them, 11 are suspected of being members of a criminal group.

Oct 20, 2015   Police and Border Guard Board presents manual that helps preventing crime through environmental design
The project entitled HOME/2012/ISEC/AG/4000004321: “Development of existing urban design, planning and crime prevention methods and introduction of new ones to improve living environment safety (CPTED)” was active between 01.12.2013 and 30.11.2015, and involved eleven partners from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Finland.

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