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The number of serious traffic accidents decreased by one tenth in the last year

According to the review prepared by the Road Administration, in the year 2010 there were 1339 personal injury traffic accidents in Estonia, which is less by 167 than in the previous year. The number of fatal accidents decreased in the last year by 22 and the number of injured persons by 222.

According to the initial data in the past year 78 (a year before it was 100) persons perished and 1709 (1931) were injured in traffic.

“The past year brought a smaller or larger decline almost in all accident types”, stated Tarmo Miilits, the Head of the Law Enforcement Police Department of the Police and Border Guard Board. “The behavioural habits of road users have changed – rules are being observed and other road users are being considered more. We hope that such trend of considerate behaviour will continue.”

In the year 2010 the police registered 424 crashes of vehicles (436 in the year 2009), in these crashes 32 (32) persons perished and 660 (690) were injured. According to the analysis carried out by the Road Administration the main reasons for such accidents were cut up to another vehicle at an intersection, crush with approaching vehicle during overtake and insufficient separation distance.

The number of registered traffic accidents with participation of motor vehicle drivers in state of intoxication was 146 (248 in the year 2009), in these 11 (28) persons were perished and 222 (352) were injured.

“Naturally, the most important aspect is the continuous decrease of the number of fatal traffic accidents, but I would also like to point out the 40% decrease of traffic accidents with participation of drivers in state of intoxication,” said Tarmo Miilits. “It indicates that the attitudes of road users have changed. Taking the driver’s seat of a vehicle after drinking of alcohol has faced clear condemnation in the society. It has been definitely assisted by constant explanation work of the Road Administration and systematic cooperation of government facilities in training of road users, in prevention as well as in the supervision sphere.”

“Although several statistical figures have improved in the last few years, we are still among the average in the European Union in the sense of traffic safety and we have a long way to go,” said the counsellor of the Road Administration Villu Vane.

There was a significant decrease in the number of single vehicle accidents, i.e. run-off-roads, which decreased in a year from 405 to 286. In these accidents 16 (a year before 30) persons perished and 403 (557) were injured. The main reason for such accidents was the choice of improper speed.

In the past year were registered 336 (341 in the year 2009) collisions of vehicles to pedestrians, in these 13 (23) persons perished and 339 (331) were injured. The main reasons for such accidents were crossing of road by a pedestrian in front of an approaching vehicle and collision to a pedestrian who was crossing a road on a pedestrian crossing.

In the year 2010 there were 125 (a year before 157) accidents with bicycles and in these accidents 9 (7) persons perished and 120 (153) were injured. The number of registered accidents with moped was 82 (84 in the year 2009), in which 1 (2) person perished and 89 (97) were injured.