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Raivo Küüt: in this year we are focused on minors and on internet

At the press conference held on the 25th January in the Ministry of Justice, which was focused on the crime situation, the Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board Mr. Raivo Küüt said in his summary about the activities of the year 2010, that the criminal police has been to its task. In the review Küüt invited the press to mediate and explain to the population the possibilities of how to protect in a better way one’s property and grant one’s security, but also how to act properly on a crime scene.

According to the Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board, in the year 2011 important tasks are the combat against crimes committed by minors, as well as against corruptive and organised crime, and the arresting of proceeds of crime. When speaking about the targets for the year 2011 Küüt also pointed out the establishment of the internet police.

According to the words of Raivo Küüt the professionalism of criminal police officers is proven by the detection of several serious crimes which were widely discussed in public last year and by forwarding of these to the prosecutor’s office.
The Director General also considered an important step to be the establishment of Corruption Crime Divisions and Child Protection Divisions in all Prefectures. Küüt stressed, that the work and methods of criminal police must constantly keep pace with the time and that they must be adjusted according to the changing circumstances, because crime has no state borders and it has become more and more to move into cyberspace. By the words of the Director General the police officers themselves have well adjusted to the changing circumstances and have kept pace with the time. 
In his report Küüt was also focused on the themes related to introduction of Euro and the corresponding risks to become victims of crime or to get hold of counterfeit money. Hereby it is wise to recall once more, that people should arrange their money matters in bank and that carrying along large sums of cash or keeping such at home is too risky.

The Director General said that many crimes, especially crimes committed by minors, but also becoming a victim of crime, are connected with consummation of alcohol. Therefore people should more evaluate and assess how to arrange their movements or behaviour in such way that the risk of occurrence of crimes would be lower. Küüt invited all members of the society to alertness and cooperation, pointing out especially in relation with minors the importance of the influence and example of parents, teachers, school, home as well as friends and acquaintances in crime prevention.  

When speaking about juvenile crime Raivo Küüt recognised that juvenile crime is taking new forms and is more and more moving into internet. „There is a spread of so called cyber harassment, which is not a crime, but which may affect unpredictably the future behaviour of the harassed children,“ the Director General warned. „We should all – law enforcement authorities, as well as parents, acquaintances, relatives and teachers - pay more attention to it. Children are suffering under such cyber harassment and there may appear quite different kind of and more severe consequences in future behaviour of such harassed children,“ the Director General warned.

„It is essential for us all to observe how do children feel themselves in the internet, and they should be rescued from there if anything bad happens,“ Küüt adjured.

Küüt made a proposal to the press that they should pay in their themes more attention to increasing the awareness of the population about how to act on a crime scene. The Director General said that it should be constantly instructed and reminded that people must make it possible for police officers to do their job and collect traces on the crime scene. Therefore it is essential that, when waiting for the police at a crime scene, one should certainly not start tidying up or spoiling traces.

Küüt also said that the civic courage and alertness of people in respect of the surroundings helps to restrain criminal behaviour. „If you see a fight or beating in the street or in your courtyard, or if somebody is calling for help, then it is the primary civil duty to notify the police about such incident, if possible, then you should also intervene, but by such interference you should not endanger your safety, health and life,“ Raivo Küüt said.

All in all the Director General expressed his gratitude to the representatives of the media and to all other cooperation partners for reasoning along and for their contribution in the year 2010 and expressed his hope that such good cooperation in crime prevention and detection of crimes will continue.