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Police have uncovered an extensive scheme, by which state documents have been obtained illegally.

Yesterday police detained 12 people, who are suspected of creating preconditions necessary for illegally obtaining state documents. Of them, 11 are suspected of being members of a criminal group.

Based on the preliminary investigation, four Police and Border Guard Board employees are also suspected of being recruited into the group in order to obtain identity documents, residence permits and documents related to citizenship.

According to information obtained in the preliminary investigation, people ordered various state documents, including documents certifying education, language exam results, residence permits, documentation necessary for obtaining citizenship and medical certificates through the accused. For that purpose, falsification, presentation of false information and other participants using false identity were used.

Police and Border Guard Board personnel are not suspected of being among the organizers, but issued information regarding applications, made queries in the databases, accepted applications based on falsified information and issued documents based on them in exchange for bribes. Of the officials suspected, two work in the service hall and two are specialists.

According to leading state prosecutor Steven-Hristo Evestus, the evidence collected so far shows that the suspects were extensively secretive in their activities, using all manner of techniques to conceal the illegal activity and its traces. “Every suspect had their own distinct role and significance within the chain,” Evestus said.

Raul Vahtra, head of the Police and Border Guard Board’s Office of Internal Control leading the pre-trial procedure, said the criminal activity was discovered as a result of information gathered and analysed by the Office of Internal Control. “Criminal proceedings have been ongoing for nearly six months, during which investigators have gathered evidence mainly through intelligence activities. Yesterday's detainments, searches and interrogations were the first public procedural acts and the gathering of evidence continues,” Vahtra said.

During the criminal proceedings so far, dozens of episodes of the crime have been identified.

Today, the Office of the Prosecutor General is seeking the arrest of one detainee, a 65-year-old woman, by the court. Among other things, she is suspected of founding and leading the criminal group and recruiting its members.

Criminal proceedings shall be conducted by the Police and Border Guard Board’s Office of Internal Control and led by the Office of the Prosecutor General.

Dear journalists, representatives of the Office of the Prosecutor General and the Police and Border Guard Board will give a press conference at the Office of the Prosecutor General at Wismari 7, Tallinn at 16:00.

Ilmar Kahro
Head of Public Relations
The Office of the Prosecutor General
613 9415