Weapons examination

Once you have submitted an application for obtaining an acquisition permit or weapons permit, an official will contact you and agree on a time and place for the examination.

Prior to the examination

If the processing of your application submitted in self-service has reached the examination stage, you can pay the state fee in the self-service environment.

Taking the weapons examination

In the course of the examination, a theory examination and firearm handling and shooting skills test will be administered based on the category of firearm being applied for (rifle, pistol or revolver).

The examination is being taken in Estonian.

The theory examination is a test with 10 multiple choice answers that must be answered in 30 minutes. Eight of 10 answers must be correct to pass the examination.

Recommended study materials

Weapons Act

Penal Code (legitimate self-defence, emergency situation, criminal liability related to handling of weapons)

Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2015/2403 of 15 December 2015 establishing common guidelines on deactivation standards and techniques for ensuring that deactivated firearms are rendered irreversibly inoperable

Topics and questions on the weapons examination (in Estonian)

The Police and Border Guard Board does not offer training in preparation for the weapons exam. They are offered by a number of companies whose contact details you can find online.

Repeat examination

If your examination was unsuccessful, you can repeat it pursuant to the examination schedule.

If the shooting test was unsuccessful, it can be repeated within 2 months of the day on which the theory exam was passed. If you do not take the shooting test within that time, you will have to re-take the theory examination as well.

Prior to taking the repeat examination, a state fee must be paid.