Estonia prohibits the entry of Russian motor vehicles

Today (13 September), starting at 10 am, Estonia prohibits motor vehicles with Russian Federation license plates from entering Estonia at the external border, as they fall under the scope of current sanctions. With this, Estonia follows the additional interpretation of the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation published by the European Commission on 8 September, according to which motor vehicles registered in the Russian Federation are no longer allowed to enter the territory of the European Union.

"The goal of the sanctions against Russia is to force the aggressor country to retreat to its borders. Since the European Commission has just clarified the current sanction and Estonia considers it necessary to use all opportunities to raise the price of aggression for Russia, we found in consultation with the Latvian and Lithuanian authorities that the restrictions are most effective when sanctions are imposed jointly," said the Minister of the Interior Lauri Läänemets.

The ban on entering with a motor vehicle applies regardless of the basis of its owner's or user's stay in Estonia or the European Union.

Motor vehicles bearing a number plate of the Russian Federation are allowed to leave Estonia through its external border or cross the internal borders of the European Union.

When a vehicle with a license plate of the Russian Federation arrives at a border point, the Tax and Customs Board will carry out the relevant procedures. The user or owner of a motor vehicle must return to Russia with the car or cross the border without it.

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