Emergency number 112

Call the emergency number 112 if you need urgent assistance from the police and wish to report a disturbance, crime or traffic accident.

When calling the emergency number:

  • report what happened as quickly and clearly as possible, whether anyone was injured or needs assistance
  • describe as precisely as possible the address or location where the incident took place and who is calling
  • stay calm and respond to any additional questions
  • commit to memory and convey to the rescue organizer at the emergency centre as precise as possible a description of the people, vehicles and other circumstances related to the incident
  • don’t hang up before the rescue organizer says it is OK

If anyone’s life or property is in danger, assistance will be dispatched while you are still on the line.

If the situation changes, be sure to tell the dispatcher and keep your line open so that you can be called back.

All calls to emergency number will be recorded.

Explain to children when 112 must/may be called.

The emergency number 112 is dialled the same way on mobile and landline telephones and calls to this number are free.

Calling from abroad

It is possible to contact emergency services from abroad using the email address " target="_blank">..., but use this channel above all for conveying or asking for information.

If an incident occurs in Estonia that requires rapid intervention, call the emergency services using the number 6000 112.

For more about calls to the emergency number 112 in Europe, visit the website of Häirekeskus, the Estonian emergency services centre.