Contacting PBGB

Please send all messages to the Police and Border Guard Board email address ... or write to Pärnu mnt 139, 15060, Tallinn.

To send files securely, please encrypt them using the “Politsei- ja Piirivalveamet (PPA) 70008747” certificate.

Messages must contain the following information:

  • the first and last name of the person writing or the name of the legal person/organization
  • contact details for the requester (mailing or email address, telephone number), which we can use to release the desired data or contact the person
  • content of the information requested, document type, designation or document elements known to the requester
  • the method for fulfilling the request for information or responding to the message

Request for Information

The request for information is for requesting a specific document in the possession of the Police and Border Guard Board. The term for processing the request for information is considered to start from the business day after the registration of the request for information.

We will respond to requests for information within 5 working days.

Request for explanation and memorandum

A request for explanation can be used to ask the Police and Border Guard Board for information which requires existing data to be analysed or additional information gathered. A memorandum can be used to forward information or make proposals to the Police and Border Guard Board for organizing the work of the institution and shape development in the field.

We respond to requests for explanation and memoranda within 30 calendar days.

Application to see data concerning oneself

Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act, everyone has the right to examine personal data concerning themselves. The query from the data subject may be submitted in any format, but must be signed with the personal identification code appended. One’s data in most state databases can be examined through the state portal. Information on examining data entered into the Schengen information system can be found here.

We will respond to queries from data subjects within 30 calendar days.

Sending large files

If large files must be sent to the Police and Border Guard Board (over 10 MB), please email a request to ... necessary information: email address and mobile phone number), and we will the send further instructions for uploading files.