Submission of offence report

If you need urgent assistance from the police, dial emergency number 112.

Here you can submit a report concerning an offence committed in Estonia or an internet offence, which consequences occurred in Estonia. If the incident took place in a foreign country, contact directly the police of the foreign country.

To enable us to accept your report:

  • indicate your personal email address so that we could contact you
  • sign the report digitally.

Decision on the commencement of the proceedings cannot be made based on a report that is not digitally signed. In order to make a decision to commence the proceedings, the proceedings officer may require additional information or invite the person who has submitted the report to the police station.

Please note that:

  • the report cannot contain false information;
  • you have an obligation to appear when summoned by the police and give your testimony.

To submit a report, you must log in and authenticate yourself.