Sea and air rescue

If you are in distress at sea, notify emergency number 112.

Air and Maritime Security Centre (Joint Rescue Coordination Centre - JRCC Tallinn)
619 1224, ...

Radio frequencies:
MF-DSC 2187,5 kHz
2182 kHz

Radio call signs
The JRCC call sign (VHF 16 and 69) TALLINN MEREVALVEKESKUS (in English: Tallinn RESCUE)

JRCC Tallinn, the rescue coordination centre in Tallinn, is responsible for the following:

  • Coordination and management of air sea rescue in the Estonian search and rescue region in the event of an aviation or maritime accident
  • Management of pollution response in border water bodies

A 24/7 radio watch is provided on international emergency channels to receive sea air rescue distress calls.

JRCC Tallinn works closely with air sea rescue centres in neighbouring countries (Finland, Latvia, Sweden, etc.), which may include, in addition to exchange of information, also requests for international assistance or the provision of assistance in the case of major rescue operations.

If you notice oil-soaked birds, environmental pollution or a threat thereof, please call the state information number at 1247. You can also email any relevant information to ....