People entering Estonia to be checked at the border

The Police and Border Guard Board asks people to consider possible delays at border crossing, as starting tonight everybody will be asked to provide information regarding their travel journey and possible contacts with people infected.

People entering Estonia will be asked to provide information about their travel journey, travel companions, possible contacts with the potential infected and whether they have any symptoms that might indicate a viral infection.

Data will be collected in Tallinn Airport, harbours and border crossing points on the eastern border, as well as in Ikla and Valga, on the border with Latvia. People will be asked to fill in a form, and if necessary, to provide additional information.

If possible, print out the form and fill before arriving at the border: the form in Estonian, in English and in Russian.

Deputy Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board Priit Pärkna said that the police are doing everything possible to help prevent the virus from spreading. „We have been conducting additional activities on our borders for a week now and we will be extending our checks with government’s decision. The additional checks may prolong the process of crossing the border, however, it is important in order to protect people from the virus,“ explained Pärkna.

Partners from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and Estonian Defence League will be involved in the activities.

Leana Loide
Press Officer
Estonian Police and Border Guard Board
+372 525 4219