Police and Border Guard Board strengthens control in border areas

Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) strengthens border control in Estonian-Latvian border area and in ports in order to prevent illegal border crossings in the event of increased migratory pressure towards Estonia.

“I spoke to the Latvian Minister of the Interior today, with whom we have maintained regular contact in the light of the events in Lithuania. Given that in the last 24 hours border guards have detained 28 people who crossed the Belarus-Latvia border illegally, we will also strengthen control in border areas of Estonia. At present, however, there is no migratory pressure on Estonia," said Kristian Jaani, Minister of the Interior.

According to Ivo Utsar, Police Colonel of the Border Management Department of the PBGB, it was decided to further strengthen border control when assessing what was happening in Latvia.

“The main focus of the PBGB is at internal borders, but random checks are carried out by patrols across Estonia. We carry out in-depth inspections in ports, as we cannot rule out the possibility that irregular migrants are trying to find their way to northern Europe through Estonia. In addition, we also directed additional patrols to the Estonian-Latvian border areas. For people moving around in the region, this means, that police officers check more often people’s documents as well as passenger cars, buses, heavy trucks moving in border areas and so on," said Utsar, and added that if someone notices a group of people with a foreign appearance in the border area, and there is reason to suspect that they are irregular migrants, this should be reported to 112.

“The PBGB is constantly monitoring the situation at the Estonian border in order to notice changes that could indicate a potential risk of irregular migration. "As the situation changes, we are ready to take additional measures to further strengthen the protection of the Estonian border, if necessary," said Utsar.

Kerly Virk
Press officer
Estonian Police and Border Guard Board
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