Police in Valga detained 21 people who had entered the country illegally

On Sunday 17 September, police in Valga detained 21 foreigners who had entered the European Union illegally.

On Sunday 17 September, shortly before 3 p.m., a police patrol spotted foreigners at a bus stop in Valga, who were checked and found to have entered the European Union illegally. Among them were 14 men, 5 women and 2 children. The ambulance is checking the people.

According to preliminary information, the 21-member group came to Estonia through Latvia. It is still being established how they entered the European Union and where they wanted to go.

Head of Operations at the South Prefecture Kert Kotkas said that for the last few weeks, Latvia has faced a very high pressure of illegal migration at the border with Belarus where hundreds of illegal border crossings have been blocked. “We are in contact with Latvia and Lithuania and are exchanging information on what is happening. Today’s incident cannot yet with certainty be linked to the situation in Latvia, but police officers are currently clarifying the circumstances and are conducting proceedings with the foreigners detained in Valga to find out their exact migration route,” Kotkas explained.

The police have increased their presence at the southern border and at bus stations and ports, which may be used for transit by irregular migrants.

Leana Loide
Press Officer of the Police and Border Guard Board
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