Police recommends additional time for traffic during the visit of the Pope

On the next Tuesday, September 25th, the Pope Franciscus visit will bring short-term traffic restrictions in the center of Tallinn and Kadriorg. People who would like to welcome Pope’s motorcade, can do it at 12.45 in Tammsaare Park or Musumäe.

According to Sander Kullamaa, the public law officer in the Northern prefecture, everyone traveling by car must be alert and watch the traffic signs. "The police will close the streets to traffic during the movement of the Pope Franciscus motorcade for a maximum of 15 minutes; however, the related traffic congestion may last longer. Therefore it is wise to spare more time than usual," said Kullamaa. "No street is completely blocked, but there are limited parking and stopping places in some places. If the junctions have police officers, then they must follow their orders," added Kullamaa.

"If you would like to welcome the Pope, I advise you to go to the Tartu highway 10AM in the morning. The Pope's motorcade will be seen at 12.45 from Musumäe and Tammsaare Park. After Holy Mass, the Pope will return to Tallinn Airport, and then people can also wave to him," said Kullamaa.

Traffic is closed around Kaarli puiestee and Vabaduse väljak from 1PM to 7PM and will be redirected. Kaarli puiestee will be closed totally due to the Holy Mass. Traffic coming from Endla street will be redirected to Suur-Ameerika street, traffic from Toompuiestee will be redirected to Tõnismägi. Traffic from Estonia puiestee will be redirected to Pärnu maantee. It is not possible to take a turn from Pärnu maantee to Vabaduse väljak.