Property under protection - enhancing the international cooperation of law enforcement agencies in fight with organized crime

In November, 2021 the Regional Police Headquarters in Lublin signed with the European Commission the Grant Agreement no. 101037924 for realization of the project ”Property under protection - enhancing the international cooperation of law enforcement agencies in fight with organized property crime”- within Internal Security Fund- Police, ISFP-2020-AG-OPC. The total project value is 323 953,20 Euro. The realization of the project started on the 1st of February, 2022 and it will be run till the 31st of December, 2023.

The main objective of the project will be strengthening the law enforcement capacity of the project partners: Regional Police Headquarters in Lublin, National Police General Directorate in Bulgaria, Estonian Police and Border Guard, Malta Police, Satu Mare County Police Inspectorate (Romania) and Presidium of Police forces in Slovakia in the fight with the organized property crime, in particular organized car thefts, organized burglaries and tricky thefts by boosting the international operational activities aiming to combat this crime, creation of synergies between various criminal markets due to mobile nature of criminal groups as well as developing knowledge and strategic analysis of this phenomenon on the European level. The project will contribute to development of the international cooperation and coordination mechanisms of project partners via participation in study visits and training workshops as well as best practice exchange.

Within the project there are planned the following activities:

  • the project management meeting,
  • the study visit to Europol – the aim: to get acquainted with the organized property crime problem in Europe, with the methods and prevention measures taken up by Europol on the European level as well as understanding of changes in the organized property crime profile due to COVID 19 pandemic situation in Europe,
  • the study visits to Bulgaria, Estonia, Romania, Malta and Slovakia – the aim: to get knowledge on organizational structure of the units responsible for fighting organized property crime in each project partner country as well as legal regulations and problems concerning this crime in these countries,
  • two seminars in Poland; the first concerning the car thefts, the second on domestic and shop burglaries and tricky thefts as well as practical workshops on tactics and techniques of running interrogation. For seminars and the workshops there will be invited the representatives of National Police of Ukraine, Regional Police Headquarters in Rzeszów and Bialystok as well as Nadbużański Border Guard Unit officers.

The results of the project:

  • the contact list,
  • the best practices in the area of investigating and prosecuting property crime including run cases on car thefts, shop and domestic burglaries and tricky thefts,
  • the report concerning the course of the workshops on interrogation skills embracing the group dynamics, strong and weak sides of the group as well as recommendations for the group what to improve,
  • the certificates for the participants of the practical workshops.

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