Tarvo Kruup to continue as Prefect of the East Prefecture

Minister of the Interior Lauri Läänemets extended the term of office of the current Prefect of the East Prefecture Tarvo Kruup by five years on the proposal of the Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board Egert Belitšev.

According to the PBGB Director General Egert Belitšev, as chief of the East Prefecture, Tarvo Kruup has made bold decisions and important changes for his team to be strong and serve the people of Virumaa to the fullest. “His good work is also evidenced by the results of our employee satisfaction survey, where feedback from the prefecture has improved considerably compared to the past. Tarvo has plenty of ideas and initiative, and his words, actions and values make a strong case for a second term of office,” Belitšev said.

The Prefect of the East Prefecture Tarvo Kruup affirmed that he was content with his team and felt strong and brave as leader of the East Prefecture. “Life has shown that we emerge triumphantly from all manner of situations. We are able to assess threats adequately, plan our actions accordingly and then address these threats. I feel proud to be leader of the East Prefecture and to work alongside the people here,” Kruup shared.

“Over the last few years, we have made progress in almost every area. We have considerably improved our situational awareness of activities at the border as well as our capability to respond to events. We are better informed about serious crimes against children. We have also managed to considerably increase the popularity of the PBGB’s self-service portal when applying for documents in Virumaa. We have achieved good results despite being short-staffed. Our numbers are still few, but we must carry on with smart policing and continue meeting the expectations of the Estonian people,” the Prefect added.

The term of service of a top manager of civil service is five years. The current term of office of Tarvo Kruup, Prefect of the East Prefecture, expires on 19 February 2024. His new term of office begins on 20 February and expires on 19 February 2029.

Tarvo Kruup, 44, began his police service in 2004 in the North Prefecture, where he worked as a criminal police officer in the East Police Department and in the Division for Crimes Against Persons. From 2009 to 2014, Kruup worked for the Estonian Internal Security Service, and from March 2014 to January 2017, led the Crime Bureau of the East Prefecture. Kruup has held the post of Prefect of the East Prefecture from 1 February 2017.