The Police and Border Guard Board reinforced checks in ports and bus transport

To prevent illegal migration, the Police and Border Guard Board sent additional patrols to the Estonian-Latvian border, as well as to ports and transport hubs. In recent weeks, police in Estonia have prevented the movement of 29 aliens who have come to the country illegally.

According to the chief of the border guard Veiko Kommusaar, due to the activities of Belarus, Latvia is under the greatest migration pressure in the last three years. "Border guards of our southern neighbours are working day and night and in large numbers, but the significant increase in illegal border crossings in Latvia inevitably affects its neighbouring countries. In recent weeks, we have identified near the border as well as in the country, several groups of foreigners, who have entered the European Union illegally and are taking advantage of the free movement, attempting to travel towards the northern neighbours of Estonia, passing through the country. This is why we reinforced our presence near the border, on the routes and in the ports, considering the possible travel paths of aliens," Kommusaar explained.

"The active migration attack against our neighbouring countries is still going on, and Estonia is also making its contribution in the front line. For the second week in a row, Estonian police officers are assisting the ESTPOL8 team at the Latvian-Belarusian border, and their working days are busy.

Today, we are also sending a new ESTPOL shift to Latvia and we are in continuous contact with our partners to ensure that our image of threat is as accurate as possible and that we are able to plan activities in Estonia as well as provide assistance," Kommusaar said.

All citizens have an important role to play in preventing illegal migration. "The Police and Border Guard Board has very good cooperation with the border residents, but we encourage people to be observant about illegal migration also beyond the border. If, for example, a provider of transport, accommodation or any other service suspects that a traveller in front of them has not arrived in Europe legally, it is always worth reporting this to the police. For example, taxi drivers who are called to take people close to the border should be attentive," the chief of the Border Guard said.

In recent weeks, the Police and Border Guard Board has apprehended several groups of aliens who have entered the European Union illegally. In mid-September, police in Valga detained 21 people who had illegally entered the European Union, arriving in Estonia from Latvia. Last weekend, the Police and Border Guard Board identified five aliens who had entered the country through Latvia but had no legal basis to stay in the European Union. On Monday, 2 October, three Cuban citizens were detained after crossing the temporary control line on the Estonian-Russian border.

Martin Raid
Spokesperson of the Police and Border Guard Board
+372 5191 8772