Tallinn hosts the Capital Policing Europe Conference

On 22 and 23 May, the first-ever Capital Policing Europe Conference takes place in Estonia, bringing police chiefs from over 30 different national capitals to Tallinn.

The 44th Capital Policing Europe Conference is entitled “Future threats and challenges in a changing internal security environment”. This year, the focus of the conference is on crises and security.

Ats Kübarsepp, Prefect of the North Prefecture, says the meeting of police chiefs is being held in Estonia this year because the war in Ukraine and its aftermath are having the biggest impact on us and the neighbouring countries. “The security situation in Europe is highly complex, which is why the conference will focus on crises and security issues. The aim is to share experience on how security challenges have been met in different regions during and after military conflicts. We will also discuss how to prevent and combat the commission of crimes related to military conflicts,” he said.

The conference was opened by Joosep Kaasik, Undersecretary for Internal Security of the Ministry of the Interior, Egert Belitšev, Director General of the Police and Border Guard Board, and Ats Kübarsepp, Prefect of the North Prefecture. The conference is held at the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and divided into three sessions on the dirty business of weapons of war, the risks of foreign nationals and return migration, and the challenges facing the police of the future.

The Capital Policing Europe Conference has been organised since 1979. This year’s conference brings together around 100 participants. In addition to the police chiefs of the European capitals, Dmytro Shumeiko, Head of the Kyiv Police Department, and Marvin Ben Haiman, former Chief of Staff in Washington, attend the conference. Representatives of the PBGB, the Ministry of the Interior, the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, the Estonian Internal Security Service, the City of Tallinn, and the Municipal Police also attend the conference.